Goodbye Means Goodbye

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goodbye-means-goodbye-big.jpgA talk by Strephon of what it means to say goodbye to the past and old friends. It means death of ones life and this seems to be way people don’t like to say goodbye.


A Learning School

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a-learning-school-big.jpgStrephon talks about a dream he had of a school of learning in which students learn only from a “method of inquiry and not books.”

“The only thing you and I have here is the clarity and the brilliance of our method: I analyze any aspect of life that seems that important in the moment. You and I listen and apply whatever is evoked in us to our own perspective on our own lives.

This is the method of seeking truth through a method of inquiry.

Of course your tools must be developed further as you go along.”

Strephon Kaplan-Williams

Affirming our existence

affirming-our-existence-big.jpgLessons in not getting lost in the news or others, yet affirming our essential existence. We have been taught to live through others. Now we must live to live through our core selves.

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Perspective 18 Lying Honesty

Perspective 18 Lying Honesty

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Strephon suggests that the best reason to practice honesty is to come into reality and live your life as it is, and not as you would pretend it to be. Only this way are you effective.






Perspective 17 Give Focus To Our Day

Perspective 17 Give Focus To Our Day

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One excellent practice that enhances your life is as you wake in the morning to give a focus to your day. Strephon tells how he does this.

True Meaning Of Christmas

– Strephon Says 42 True Meaning Of Christmas


Christmas Tree

Strephon talks about the real Christmas and New Years, which is inside us. He says that the greatest gift is the gift of life and existence out of love. Thus the real gift you give is love.

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Vodcast 6 Thinking One

Vodcast 6 Thinking One

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Strephon talks about the thinking process interconnected with the principles of the Universe.

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