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Goodbye Means Goodbye

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goodbye-means-goodbye-big.jpgA talk by Strephon of what it means to say goodbye to the past and old friends. It means death of ones life and this seems to be way people don’t like to say goodbye.


A Learning School

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a-learning-school-big.jpgStrephon talks about a dream he had of a school of learning in which students learn only from a “method of inquiry and not books.”

“The only thing you and I have here is the clarity and the brilliance of our method: I analyze any aspect of life that seems that important in the moment. You and I listen and apply whatever is evoked in us to our own perspective on our own lives.

This is the method of seeking truth through a method of inquiry.

Of course your tools must be developed further as you go along.”

Strephon Kaplan-Williams

Affirming our existence

affirming-our-existence-big.jpgLessons in not getting lost in the news or others, yet affirming our essential existence. We have been taught to live through others. Now we must live to live through our core selves.

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Wisdom Pod-casts as selected on this site are from persons of quality and integrity who seem not to be presenting life wisdom as a spiritual game in such ways that mislead people on their own life journeys. To mislead people is to present to them pictures of reality which in fact do not work in experiential reality. Someone saying they are God or they have God speaking directly to them is considered as misleading people since such a person presents himself as speaking for God by claiming God is speaking through him.

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What is Wisdom Podcasts?

Strephon conceived Wisdom Podcasts to be a portal or collection place for the best pod-casts by the best people about living from life wisdom. Strephon wanted this portal to be spiritual but not religious. A religion is a collective belief and practice with a belief system and cultural behavior, such as ritual, that are stated to be absolutely true. A religion states that God exists as described in its belief system and by its venerated people. A religion exalts certain human beings, especially of the past when they can no longer be interviewed or verified, as superior to other human beings. A religion gives up using logic and rational thought when it comes to analyzing and evaluating its belief system.

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