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Vodcast 5 How To Get Rid Of Spam

Vodcast 5 How To Get Rid Of Spam


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Spam is not just out there! Spaming each other is something, unfortunately, we can all do, maintains Strephon, as he teaches about both defending ones space and not intruding on the space of others.



Breaking News Strephon’s Viewer-Listeners Over 23,000 On Election Day America 2006

StrephonListener-Viewers Give Strephon A Resounding Round Of Applause in confirming his podcasts and broadcasts, just started last April, 2006.

When asked how he explains this growing popularity, Strephon Kaplan-Williams winked one eye slightly and said, “What we have here with the podcasts is the world’s people voting for something serious, don’t we? People are searching! They don’t want to be just entertained. They want food for thought. Honestly, with the advent of computers and the Internet I think world IQ is significantly rising.”

“But why you?” Strephon was asked. “There are plenty of professors around and other writers who can speak wisely.”

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– Strephon Says 41 Choicemaking

Strephon talks on how to make choices in life, a skill we use every day but which no one has taught us about. Strephon teaches the skills of choicemaking here.

Strephon Says – iTunes featured podcast

Wisdom Podcasts is featured in iTunes directory as New and Notable under Society&Culture, Philosophy subcategory. Wisdom Podcasts is one of Strephon’s blogs containing some of the Strephon Says podcasts dealing with wisdom issues.

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Love, Sex & Intimacy is also featured as another New and Notable in Helath, Self-Help subcategory.

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Strephon Says is featured in Health, Self-Help and is number 8 in the podcasts top of this subcategory.

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Tao Of Now is first in Spirituality subcategory and forth in Religion&Spirituality category.

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Strephon Says featured in iTunes – slideshow

The Sixties-What Are We Living For

– Strephon Says 31 The Sixties-What Are We Living For

Strephon describes the Sixties people as today’s Wisdom People who pass on the inner values to meet a world of violence and corruption as well as progress

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Pay It Forward

– Strephon Says 25 Pay It Forward

Strephon tackles the view of the Pay It Forward movement that the world is bad yet one can make a difference by doing acts of kindness.

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The Da Vinci Code Truths

.Strephon Says 14 The Da Vinci Code Truths

Last Supper by Leonardo Da VinciLast Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci

Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code is as true and as fictional as the Christianity’s New Testament, points out Strephon in this talk about the value of truth in life. Strephon confronts the Church with its hiding the earliest Christian Documents in its Secret Archives. He praises Dan Brown for his courage to dramatize the Church’s hiding the truth of who Jesus was. Strephon goes on to assert the value for each of us living from truth in our own lives. (22 minutes)

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