Understanding the Holocaust

.Strephon Says 12 Understanding the Holocaust

Stripped Women HolocaustWe need to face Evil in life so that we may the better deal with it. Experiencing with understanding aspects of the Holocaust, the killing of the Jews, helps us live life in real terms, says Strephon. (21 minutes)

This picture is of Jewish women stripped just before they are to be killed in the holocaust during the Second World War. Imagine the power these standing men feel, ordered, or volunteering to guard these women who are no physical threat to them. How can anyone be so evil? How they must have destroyed their own ability to love in life. For the women, they have lost life because there is no one to protect them from such evil, and they cannot protect themselves. We note especially the young woman with the long pigtails. Imagine that it is just that morning that she or her mother, or a friend, has made those pigtails for her as a sign of warmth, affection and love – love of life and beauty as well. They made her strip but she has kept her pigtails, signifying the wonder and beauty of life that is her right but is now being taken away from her. In our hearts we are very, very sad for her and her situation. We also cry out in frustration and rage that we could not have been there to have decimated these killers of the best that is life. In the end we simply pray that we ourselves respect and love more than we hurt and destroy with our own beliefs and actions. We pray that we are doing our part in life to stop evil whenever we can.


4 Responses to “Understanding the Holocaust”

  1. 1 david April 5, 2009 at 7:34 am

    bastards.god said to forgive but still i cannot.my momma died at aushwitz.

  2. 2 Hannah May 14, 2009 at 2:00 pm

    I dnt wanna be mean but… if yuur mum died at Auscwitz, then how are yuu alive? How old are yuu

  3. 4 niki May 19, 2009 at 3:39 pm

    my heart goes out to you, i dont know what it is or why God has put the holocaust on my heart as strongly as he has, but i feel so helpless, like if i dont remind everyone of what happened, everyone that was tortured and murdered and lost their families will be forgotten. i have a very hard time understanding why God allowed this to happen. i just keep thinking what if that was me and my family. my daughter being stripped and abused and beaten, shaving her head. know so much about the holocaust has kept me humble that is for sure and thankful for my life. but why did they have to go through this, why did you have to go through this?

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