1. dblue209.jpg You think your primary need in life is for love.

But have you considered that owning your own power is more where it is at?

We do not need love.

We need to choose love.

from Sources Synchronicity Readings, Strephon Kaplan-Williams



42. dblue209.jpg Help is on the way.

You have only to endure a little longer your deep suffering.

Remain steadfast in your search for healing.

Acknowledge that even in the worst of situations choice rules the day if it is made within a context of the ultimate meaning of your life.

from Sources Synchronicity Readings, Strephon Kaplan-Williams



10.dblue209.jpg Creativity would be a strong suggestion right now.

You are seeking answers rather than encompassing opposites.

Do not retreat into known values. Open yourself more to symbolic processes which tune you into resources beyond your rational thinking.

The solution to your to your problem must come out of the unknown.

from Sources Syncronicity Readings, Strephon Kaplan-Williams





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