The Sixties-What Are We Living For

– Strephon Says 31 The Sixties-What Are We Living For

Strephon describes the Sixties people as today’s Wisdom People who pass on the inner values to meet a world of violence and corruption as well as progress



August 10, 2006: We just broke through the 5000 barrier with 5044 total listeners today, but what does it mean?

In less than four months we have reached that high to have this many listeners to this kind of thought.

What Strephon Says podcasts are is conscious-awareness thought, giving insights for living on life’s issues.

Thus while the world continues with its history, like all the killing in Lebanon and Israel happening at this moment, the seeds of consciousness also are being planted.

My thought represents a way of living life that comes from active self-awareness as to values and what is happening with one.

There seems to be much unconsciousness in this world. People do things motivated by strong dark forces within themselves and in their group behavior.

People do not act aware of their inner selves. The world erupts inside of them and they can do nothing about it. They don’t even want to. They have not the courage or the gumption to truly take hold of themselves.

This is why people live and die not being their real selves. They mate thousands of times with partners but call it sex instead of personal sharing and teaching. People do not mate to learn from each other and develop on a daily basis.

It’s crazy. In this life you have to keep learning every day to keep up with the reality coming at you.

Do people have good learning habits? Do they know what to keep learning about? Are they being total persons, or limited persons who are not multi-faceted and integrated as one whole?

Thus the world jockeys back and forth between near disaster and reconciliation and progress. How many of the world’s leaders know what they are doing to the core? How much of the people?

So, back to us! What breaking the 5000 barrier of listeners means is that there are at least 5000 people out there whose day has become a bit more conscious because they have listened to a Strephon Says Podcast.

Some will turn off, of course. For the constant challenge to consciousness in each talk is going to evokes a person’s resistances.

Yet also, others will resonate because they already have the value of living life consciously, of living life to learn.

As a person who commented said, ‘I love it. This is always my thought to a great life… a life worth living. Thank you for this explanation. It is a great refreshment to me in between my busy life.’

Ah, the busy life! We must all watch out that we don’t get so busy with our lives that we miss out on them entirely!

‘We go fast by going slow. We seek each other in what we do not know.’ This is how it comes to me.

Of course I hope for 100,000 listeners in a year. This would mean 100,000 of us who want to live our lives consciously, a small army of internal awareness, of people who live their lives from conscious values and who do not allow themselves to be taken over by unconscious forces or collective values.

Myself, I will not be living that much longer of my life. I am older and older, but very much aware yet. I cannot do this thinking and these talks for my personal reputation. I have to do them to still be in the world, to still be in a common humanity with people of like values and awareness. This is indeed a wonderful feeling.

Some have communicated about being older now. Once they were young in their teens, twenties and thirties in the Sixties. Despite what journalists try and say about that period, the Sixties was a time of the flowering of values. Millions of people did care for each other in a different way. They had the sense to relax in nature and enjoy each other and life in simple terms. Sixties counter-cultural people did not exploit each other, compete with each other, deny each other the simple joys of reading together, of conversation on all aspects of life, of creating together, of having sex together, of traveling together and meeting new friends all the time, and yes also of opposing exploitation and war in the collective society at large.

People lived different values then from the dominant culture, and sometimes paid with their lives for this lifestyle.

When things shifted as a counter-culture and it was taken over by government and big business, creating the rock scene with organized concerts and music groups who canned their music and lyrics to non-revolutionary and nihilistic themes, then those who kept to the truth had to do so more individualistically, and not in cults or religions, though some took this route.

Thousands, perhaps millions, became conscious. They did not smoke marijuana or take anything stronger. They already had the living fire inside themselves. They got their work lives together and put their creative spirit into alternative lifestyles.

Now, Sixties people are at sixty in age or older. It was a glorious time. It can still be glorious today because you can live within yourself a wisdom age, a personal enlightenment not based on books or gurus or cults or religions, and certainly not from achievements in the world.

While the world passes you by, passes me by, you have the world within yourself now. You are terribly and fiercely conscious. You can impart this consciousness and values to those younger than you, much younger sometimes. They are the future.

What Strephon Says is that we have the consciousness now. We know a truth, a truth to live by that is not a religion but a practice, that is not an exploitation but a giving and a receiving.

We of the Fifties and Sixties are a generation or two with developed inner worlds, a barrier against the exploitation of the past, and still continuing in the present.

We look out into the present world, we look out into the future world, and we do not like what we see.

We see the forces of regression, of exploitation, of power people in power using power mercilessly.

We see the maimed and the dying because technology is even more effective than in our day at killing people.

We see the youth generations being cremated in the materialistic values of the exploiters of society and they do not rebel but join their oppressors.

Our heart breaks at how the world has turned, how disasters have come upon the world so great that all suffer and must suffer to rise up again to human values of love and kindness, of determination to progress and create a better world.

Our hearts break, as maybe they should, since life is as much a failure as a success, and only individuals and small groups can make a difference.

We are the people of inner truths. We may not have made much of a difference, but still inner truth and learning survives to inspire others who live another day.


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