The Da Vinci Code Truths

.Strephon Says 14 The Da Vinci Code Truths

Last Supper by Leonardo Da VinciLast Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci

Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code is as true and as fictional as the Christianity’s New Testament, points out Strephon in this talk about the value of truth in life. Strephon confronts the Church with its hiding the earliest Christian Documents in its Secret Archives. He praises Dan Brown for his courage to dramatize the Church’s hiding the truth of who Jesus was. Strephon goes on to assert the value for each of us living from truth in our own lives. (22 minutes)

Why is the Da Vinci Code so popular? Not, says Strephon, because it is a great work of fiction. It isn’t. Yet it raises a great modern issue. The truth of Christianity and the Christian Church. Is the Church a cover-up of the true Jesus as a human being?
Dan Brown dramatizes the issue. While it may be fiction that a secret organization of the Catholic Church kills people to keep hidden the truth about Jesus, it is true that this same Church just a few centuries ago killed over a million people in the name of protecting the Church’s truth.
Thus, Strephon points out the courage of Dan Brown to point to the dark side of the Christina Church. Strephon takes this courage to live the truth home to each of us. Are any of us hiding deep, dark secrets from those who relate to us and need to know?
Do we ourselves live from truth and honesty in life, or from deception and making up stories?
Strephon points out that Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code is just as fictional and true as the Christian Church’s The New Testament. Is it possible that The Christian Church is not facing the truth about its own fiction, and that the over sixty million readers of Dan Brown’s book at least unconsciously know this fact?


2 Responses to “The Da Vinci Code Truths”

  1. 1 Sofía Aldunate July 13, 2006 at 4:29 am

    That is an interesting point of view. I was raised as a catholic, I am from South America, Chile. I am a 52 year old woman, and it has been a long time now since I stopped believing that the Catholic Church really represented the true doctrine of Jesus. I do not belong to any church, but I do believe in Christ, or what I call the Crhist Consciousness, the Unconditional Love Consciousness. It does not worry me at all if Jesus did ever get married and had children. I really think that that would make him even more of a hero to me. It is not even necessary for me that he would be perfect at all, because I feel that his message pointed out to something universal that incarnated in him. LOVE. So, what I feel is that the Church, has gotten lost in its fights to become powerful, and yes, it has become deceitful too, hiding information that would not serve to their purposes, as many other people does with things they think they have to hide about their lives to keep their power or their image infront of other people. Till now I am not yet one of them (but who knows, one can always change…..)
    With love,
    Sofía Aldunate

  2. 2 Strephon August 22, 2006 at 7:36 am

    Sofia, Hi!

    I read your thoughts when they first came out. I would say in handling religious feelings and background that we ask ourselves what does the religious symbol represent for us in terms of our own inner dynamics and life here on earth. We turn symbol in to function, we turn symbol into actions that make a difference. We cannot expect a church or religion to carry our lives for us. So maybe it is not the church that is deceitful. It is a dried hunk of and institution and those who maintain it do not so well. We thus must become what we would want the Church to become. If the Mystical Christ lives in us and through us then we are making a difference in how life is lived to ourselves and to others. We are living the symbol out in practical reality, as we can. One reason I make a distinction between the Christ image and mystery and the teachings of Jesus is that many of his teachings are bringing the mystical life into the practical life. Don’t lay treasures up on earth means just this. Whether a Church or an individual, don’t paint in gold. Instead, use your energy to love and serve others.

    Your sharing here, and probably elsewhere on the web is showing concern for the meaningful in life. Our putting the work we do into maintaining these podcasts and websites, and writing books, and teaching about values and a purposeful life. These are things that make a difference in the world.

    We don’t condemn the world. We live in it. But our feet are on the ground.


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