Wisdom Pod-casts as selected on this site are from persons of quality and integrity who seem not to be presenting life wisdom as a spiritual game in such ways that mislead people on their own life journeys. To mislead people is to present to them pictures of reality which in fact do not work in experiential reality. Someone saying they are God or they have God speaking directly to them is considered as misleading people since such a person presents himself as speaking for God by claiming God is speaking through him.

People are being deceived by this approach because they are made to believe that God speaks directly to or through a certain person and not just as profoundly through them and their own lives.
Any attempt to speak truth for others, as the religions do, is a source of deception and an indication of lack of integrity, this said from a spiritual point of view.
Any attempt to have followers who look to you for truths about themselves and answers to life and its problems can indicate a lack of integrity by this “truth-sayer.”
In contrast, when a spiritual teacher speaks directly for himself or herself, based directly on his or her own experience, then this person is likely to have integrity because they are taking responsibility for being a human being whose words may have some guidance for others because they are based on the person’s direct experience, and are not a re-hash of what is currently in style or from a religious or wisdom text.
To be authentically spiritual in the senses described here, let such people speak for themselves out of their own direct experience and internal practice and individual relation to Source, or that which is other than ego and gives wisdom in how to live life.
The wisdom person does not say “the truth,” but “a truth,” which is only true and of value is individually and consciously lived.
Consciousness to the spiritual person described here is self-awareness with integrity, with what is experientially and with wholeness real. Such a person has much integrity because what they portray outside to others is what also they are living in and through themselves as persons.
No such person claims to be speaking for God. Such a person knows she or he is strictly human and limited in insights and understand of experience.
Such persons do not engage in or lead powerful rituals that take away the individual’s consciousness and subject them to collective beliefs and behavior, such as giving away money to such hypnotists without a fair exchange being enacted.
Wisdom is not a commodity to be bought and sold. Wisdom is the distilled essence of experience consciously lived. If the teacher is also the student and the student is also the teacher, then, there is a chance that all included in the process will stay self-aware and gain from each other in balanced terms.
Wisdom Pod-casts as selected here are from persons of integrity living the teachings themselves that they present to others.
It is thus that we attempt to present thought and values that are livable in this life by the individual, and have their own direct value in the experiences of daily life.
Yet it seems also fundamental that, just as each of us has a limited existence on this earth, that also the fundamental choice is to live by values and meaning other than ego or cultural desire.
What we do with our limited existence is fundamental to how each of us live our lives.
We present wisdom pod-casts as a choice to serve and prosper. We expect to give of our best in thought, delivery and values, and to receive, when possible a balanced compensation in return.
Money is helpful in living a non-extravagant but useful life.
Another way to contribute in exchange is to alert new people to the value of listening to wisdom pod-casts and practicing some of their insights and teachings.
One can also arrange paid and unpaid workshops and gatherings to share with other people the quest for meaning in life being presented.
One can read books from authors who appear to be authentic in how they present values and experience, and are not deceiving the people through exaggerated claims for the numinous or some persons exalted by their rhetoric.
This site shall offer evaluations of certain writers and teachers who present themselves to the public as speaking for wisdom and truth in life. We shall analyze according to the values and precepts presented here, and also present many points of view, so the individual, as always, can be the one to decide how she and he live and think about their own lives.
In practice we do suggest that daily practice is best. It might be a little too much to listen to a pod-cast a day. Yet, listening to one a week would seem highly necessary to making spiritual practice a part of your everyday life and being. Listening to three a week would be like a full course in living, if you also think about and practice some of which you hear.
You will also want to seek out certain pod-casts that are relevant to a current issue in your life, and so is relevant to you now, and in the Now.
Just remember that nothing is free in life. Everything has its price. You can of course offer donations to those making these wisdom pod-casts and their websites.
Yet, the true price for listening may more be in your own practice. In other words, don’t just feed the mind. The mind is often thirsty, but what about the body and direct experience. Let not for you be the normal way, where people live twenty percent of their existence and spend the other eighty percent talking about to others the twenty percent they have barely lived.
For fulfillment in life is it not better to live fifty percent of your existence in direct experiencing and then only fifty percent in processing, including talking about to others?
We leave it at that!


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