What is Wisdom Podcasts?

Strephon conceived Wisdom Podcasts to be a portal or collection place for the best pod-casts by the best people about living from life wisdom. Strephon wanted this portal to be spiritual but not religious. A religion is a collective belief and practice with a belief system and cultural behavior, such as ritual, that are stated to be absolutely true. A religion states that God exists as described in its belief system and by its venerated people. A religion exalts certain human beings, especially of the past when they can no longer be interviewed or verified, as superior to other human beings. A religion gives up using logic and rational thought when it comes to analyzing and evaluating its belief system.


Customarily members of a religion must accept the belief system as absolutely truth. This is called faith. Members of a religion base their personal identity at least in part on being a member of that religion with its cultural artifacts, such as a belief system, writings called sacred, rituals, special calendars, and manner of dress. A spiritual approach to meaning in life is the contrary of a religion in the following particulars?


  • The spiritual person acknowledges that there may be meaning and values that one can live by other than simply created by the personal ego or a culture, including religions.
  • The spiritual person forms a personal relation to deity, Source, The Other, as that which gives guidance and meaning, other than created by the ego or a particular group or culture.
  • The spiritual person does not engage in absolutes but approaches beliefs, special experiences and culture behavior with an “as if” attitude that meaning and guidance is there when related to with a search, and often a commitment, to find meaningful principles and practices to live by.
  • The spiritual person approaches any spiritual or religions writing as a potential for meaning when consciously and individually related to. The spiritual person does not dogmatize the thought in a piece of writing but stays open to what its text might convey in terms of meaning.
  • The spiritual person recognizes that meaning can come from any experiences, including those of the dark side, from intuitions, dreams, other persons, from children and so on.
  • The spiritual person recognizes that meaning, truth and guidance in life is a cooperative creative process between the individual person and the Other, whether this represents a sacred text, a vision, a dream, intuition, insight from another or an event seeming to be loaded with purpose and meaning.

The meaning is not in the dream itself, but what we do with the dream.
The meaning is not in the sacred text itself but what we do with the insights and values evoked in us by the reading of the text.
The meaning is not in the event itself but in the positive relation to the event that gives us further insight into what is of value in life and in ourselves.

-Strephon Kaplan-Williams


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